Friday, October 22, 2010


I was on my way to work today and singing the 70's song "Making It".  OK, singing is putting it mildly; I was belting out the song as loud as I could.  I know a lot of people will not remember that song but I do.  It was not one of my all time favorites either but today it was the best song in the world.  I played the song over and over again (I have a 45 minute drive after all). 

I do this every so often; I find a song that I like and then I proceed to wear it out singing along the way.  I sing all the time.  My wife knows it; it drives my kids crazy.  My partner at work commented the other day that I am always singing.  I can't help it.  I have been stared at by many a driver at a stop light because of my singing.  Maybe they thought I was having a seizure.   

Now I don't have a great voice. In fact I have a less then average voice but that does not matter to me.  I believe in the old adage" You are what you sing"  (OK, I made that up of course). 

I usually don't sing in front of new people I meet until I get to know them better.  It is not that I am afraid of looking like an idiot (OK maybe it is a little) but I reserve my lovely voice ;) for the people I care about.  If we are friends and I start singing in front of you then take it as a compliment.  You may cringe at my voice and maybe even want to reach over and hit me with your shoe.  I am just showering you with my love and possibly my saliva.  You get the idea.

You may be thinking to yourself " I want to start singing more" (Yeah, I am so sure that is what you are thinking).  Then the question becomes what to sing; oldies, 80's(YES!), show tunes.  My suggestion is to start out simple and work your way up.  I posted a song with this blog entry.  It even has the words with it.  I suggest you start with that.  It is a song that everyone knows.  Try singing it out loud and I am sure you will go into the dark world a happier and a better person for it; or you will feel like an imbecile.  Happy singing.


  1. i totally rocked out to 'hooked on a feeling' out loud at work the other day. haha

  2. I do that too! especially in the car. I got applauded once when I was parked at a stoplight and forgot my window was down. that was embarrassing. karaoke is my fave singing outlet. still looking for a great place for that here. :)

  3. Sooo, you totally weren't joking LoL Nice.